After billions of years filling the Universal void with life, four Creators grow weary of their efforts. Bored with the mundane existence of their creations, they are tempted by the excesses of their nemesis, the Onyalum. Armed with legions dedicated to fulfilling their horrific purpose, the Creators pit forces against each other in the ultimate game of life and death.

They even recruit the very evil they have fought against for so long, the Onyalum. These impure spirits possess the flesh of the dead to lead these armies in battles whose carnage cannot be measured by the lives lost.

The Creators begin a never-ending campaign against the very life they were once dedicated to create. The Onyalum Wars begin. They create rules for their games, ensuring each a fair match:

  • Creators may not directly intervene with supernatural powers in any battle
  • Creators may not create troops except through natural processes governed by evolution
  • Creators may not supply their armies with resources not naturally found within the galactic regions they conquer
  • Creators may not endow their armies with extraordinary powers except those of natural strength and intellectual capacity as evolved through evolution
  • Creators may not tamper with the natural forces or creations within the galaxies
  • Creators may lead their armies, manifest themselves as soldiers, and fight in any conflict as long as they use only the natural abilities inherent in those they manifest
  • Creators may create one single, habitable planet in any solar system claimed by their armies even if such a system already possesses habitable planets
  • Creators may recruit Onyalum at any time, but may not provide them with a ready body not killed through natural means
  • Creators may not assist Onyalum in healing the bodies of those they possess after death
  • Onyalum may not possess the troops of their enemies or of any peoples not claimed through conquering that region
  • Onyalum may not use their powers to travel great distances but must only use the technological capabilities of their armies
  • Armies may not use time travel
  • Armies are free to do whatever they wish with planets and regions captured during the conflict
  • Armies are free to use all natural resources available within either galaxy as long as they are within a region they have conquered
  • Citizens of any civilization must maintain free will at all times and cannot be compelled by any supernatural means

The field of battle is chosen to be two galaxies colliding after billions of years of evolution. Two of the Creators created the galaxies, and two of the armies already roam their interiors. The other two Creators are awarded regions within the galaxies to house their armies for the outset of the conflict. Each possesses equal number of troops and worlds with which to start.

The first Creator, named Confale, houses his army of insect followers known as the Trilliu in the outer ring of the larger galaxy. They will initially compete with the warrior society of beastly armies  known as the Acriend created by Hammot. In the smaller galaxy, a technologically advanced race called the Issgire fight for their god, the Creator Danirdan. Finally, the fourth Creator, the god Kiirgatt, controls the race of shape shifters known as the Leran groomed over millennia to conquer everything in their path. The board is set, the match begins.

The Trilliu are a swarming species, conquering worlds they subjugate as a food-sources for their massive hives. Their hierarchical society feeds on carnage as they view the Universe as their personal garden. They are wicked efficient, highly organized, and masters of the biological and chemical sciences. Their only weakness is their hierarchical culture. Kill the leaders, and the hives will perish in chaos.

The beastly species known as the Acriend are violent fighters known to keep fighting even after horrendous wounds that would kill most. Their bodies are pillars of strength covered in shaggy, dark hair. Their redundant internal organs withstand many wounds before the beings are felled. Their weakness is their need for massive resources to sustain their bulk. They conquer and consume, rarely replenishing that which they lose. They rely on others to cultivate the foods necessary to sustain their armies.

The Issgire, an elegant reptilian species, possess incredible speed and agility coupled with a keen intellect making them a deadly presence in any conflict. Possessing the ability to regenerate damaged limbs and body parts, they are difficult to reduce in numbers. Their powers have evolved from adaptations that made them top of the food chain on their home world. They have conquered their home galaxy and view the Universe as their final prey. Their arrogance is their weakness.

The shape shifting Leran, a species without definition, take on the bodies of all those they conquer. Able to mimic an enormous catalog of species, they adapt to nearly any environment. Fierce and selfless, they infiltrate armies and destroy them from within. They fight for the glory of the promised lands only death for their god will provide.

Four Creators, thousands of Onyalum, and armies created to conquer all in their paths. The battles begin in the ultimate match for galactic dominance. Only one can win the prize worth killing billions to obtain. The brutal games unfold.

—From the book Legends of the Gods, author unknown

Copyright 2008 – NB VanYoos

All stories and writings on this blog are the property of author NB VanYoos and may not be reproduced or used for any purposes without express written consent by the author.


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