NormWebNB VanYoos has years of experience in the military, high-tech, and educational fields. He was awarded a BS in Computer Science and MA in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he spent time in Colorado Springs and Seattle creating software for telecommunications and software companies. The author currently teaches high school mathematics in Colorado where he resides with two daughters and a corgi.

“The worlds I create provide a certain level of exploration for me personally, but also attempt to entertain others who imagine a Universe larger than our single world. While many may draw comparisons with other stories, I believe my characters add another dimension that is often rare in this genre. Tyler Jensen, the main character in the Onyalum Series, is a very flawed drug dealer from Los Angeles who constantly battles his addictive side amidst a background of cosmic intrigue. What better person to toss into the Universe with an Onyalum? The journey is exciting, and one might learn along with Tyler that there is more among the stars than is imagined by man.”
       — NB VanYoos