From Los Angeles drug dealer to hero of an alien world, the Universe must have a sense of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling lost in the cosmos, struggles to understand the technologically advanced world whose hero he has inadvertently become. Posing as the Supreme Commander of the planet’s fleet, Tyler must quickly learn the murky alliances of the military to succeed against their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler’s naivete doom the warring world or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral’s world to conquer another?
ISBN9780557044054 copyright 2005
(6×9 Paperback – 255 pages – 136,511 words)
ret – ri – bu – tion     n 
… the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment esp. in the hereafter.


Los Angeles drug dealer, Tyler Jensen, continues his quest to find a life within the Universe after his transformation into an ethereal agent of destruction known as an Onyalum. Posing as a lowly priest addicted to narcotics, Tyler becomes embroiled in a battle between an ancient cult and the planet’s dominant religion. As his decadence leads him further astray, his sins transport him into a hell he is unable to comprehend, let alone escape. Will Tyler survive his damnation or will the alien locked inside awaken his lost humanity to save his soul?
ISBN9780557085132 copyright 2007
(6×9 Paperback – 284 pages – 159,432 words)
     dam – na – tion     n 
… the state of being damned.


Global warming, UFOs, and disappearing scientists are but a few of the clues Tyler Jensen must unravel as he and a top team of engineers and scientists dig for the truth about a top secret government project code named Red Star. At home on the Earth-like planet called Dimare, Tyler is once again thrust into global events when his pastoral life is ripped away in a mysterious accident during a fateful business trip. Are aliens behind the strange lights in the skies or has the government made technological leaps beyond their evolution? Trapped inside a new persona of a young, idealistic eco-activist, Tyler is recruited by an old college friend to journey the world in search of clues. Can Tyler find redemption on this dangerous quest or will his desires for vengeance prevent him from discovering the truth?
ISBN9780557018468 copyright 2008
(6×9 Paperback – 371 pages – 146,894 words)
re – demp – tion     n 
… the act, process, or an instance of redeeming.


A mysterious force is tearing apart the tenuous peace that exists between the Litteran and the Outer Galactic Commonwealth, and it is the job of the Commonwealth’s Chief Negotiator to discover who or what it is. Tyler Jensen, now a Yan’quin named Hela Trork, is dispatched to track down the various clues about Daneshan, a code name for the entity or entities behind the escalating violence. The Litteran, a brutish race from unknown origins, are often violent but rarely imperialistic. But now, something is driving them to galactic war, and the Commonwealth stands on the brink of unraveling in the face of this unprecedented aggression. Will Tyler be able to solve the mystery behind Daneshan before the Commonwealth falls or will he discover he is a pawn in a galactic chess match he doesn’t comprehend?
ISBN9780557441808 copyright 2010
(6×9 Paperback – 223 pages – 107,716 words)
     sal – va – tion     n 
… deliverance from the power and effects of sin.


It’s been a thousand years since humanity survived a major pandemic killing billions, and thirteen hundred years since Tyler Jensen’s departure from his home planet. Finally returning to his roots, Tyler finds a different yet remarkably familiar world he once called home. Now a homicide detective for the Phoenix Police Department, Tyler’s investigation into a political assassination throws him into the international web of power and intrigue. His searches for his own past unwittingly unlock secrets spanning generations, revealing clues to the ever increasing epidemics threatening humanity once more. Will Tyler discover the secrets behind the rash of political assassinations or will his investigations cut short his long awaited reunion?
9781515241584 copyright 2015
(6×9 Paperback – 280 pages – 100,872 words)
temp – ta – tion     n 
… the act of tempting or the state of being tempted esp. to evil.


Tyler Jensen has come far from his tiny roots as a Los Angeles drug dealer. After his abrupt departure from a long awaited reunion on Earth, he finds himself reincarnated as a special acolyte for the planet’s only religion. Life is peaceful, and the inner voice of the Onyalum Adanni has been silenced during the past twenty years of his new life. But Tyler is still haunted by nightmares of the damage he has wrought throughout the Universe and he feels familiar forces building as a distant siren song calls him back into the drama. He knows this is why his nickname on this world is ronkiul. It means the apocalypse.
…coming 2028
     re – nun – ci – a – tion     n 
… the formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action.

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