Creator: Hammot

Home World: Naknul (destroyed by supernova)

Home Galaxy: Hammot 3,290 (Onyalum Wars battlefield)

Territory: Currently inhabit twelve (12) galaxies, five (5) not created by Hammot

Age of Species: 2.5 billion years

Average Height: 5.9m (male)        5.1m (female)

Average Weight: 0.8 t                       0.56 t


(Male) Bipedal with arms slightly longer and more muscular than legs. Head is massive set upon a large neck limiting head movement. Muscular body is covered with dark, course, shaggy fur 15cm in length, obscuring most features of the dark brown skin beneath. Fur color ranges from black to various shades of brown. Gray fur is prominent in older Acriend. Face is furred, but shorter than body. Lips are generous but do not cover upper and lower protruding canines. Nose is broad and flat against face. Eyes deeply inset with black on black coloring. Ears are not visible beneath the fur. Hands and feet contain five digits, the toes and soles thick and heavily padded. Foot coverings are rarely worn. Hands are powerful but lack claws and have limited dexterity. Males contain large, sheathed penis extending almost as long as 2m during erection. Clothing generally consists of utility belts and sheaths for holding weapons. Military personnel often wear a single leather neckband with markings denoting their rank and unit.

(Female) Identical to male, often confused with small males. Breasts are more prominent in females for feeding very young but are obscured by shaggy fur coat. Facial features are smaller in size, eyes less inset above narrower nose. Lips are smaller as are the upper and lower canine teeth. Only the upper teeth are visible when mouth is closed. Strength is three quarters that of an average male. Smaller hands possess more dexterity, but feet are rarely covered same as males. Obvious lack of large penis is another way to distinguish a female from a male. Except for military personnel, women do not wear clothing. Military personnel wear a single leather neckband with markings denoting their rank and unit.


Large brain mostly dedicated to muscular and visual control and processing. Three hearts, one redundant. Two stomachs, the first for killing harmful bacteria and breaking down tough tissue and bone with specialized enzymes. The second stomach breaks down food further, extracting nutrients. Second stomach can serve as only stomach if needed. Heavy network of large blood vessels, many redundant to take up the slack when others are severed. Blood has highly specialized clotting agents, able to block large wounds even in arteries. Repair of damaged tissues is remarkably fast, often taking only hours or days. Heavy musculature is incredibly strong from evolving on a large planet with intense gravity. Size and strength requires enormous diet to maintain operational fitness, starvation occurring in half the time of most species. Low levels of oxygen have a negative impact on fitness as well, so special re-breathers are often used to help maintain oxygenation.


Male and female Acriend spend little time together except in the line of duty or when mating is required. The concept of being married does not exist in Acriend society, but mating is highly regulated and controlled by designated priestesses of Hammot. Bloodlines are carefully monitored, the health of the species ensured with each pairing. Females are impregnated and gestate the child for 533 days before a live birth. Child rearing is done in large communities independent of the parents, usually overseen by slave species until child reaches puberty. Once puberty is achieved, children are integrated into society, mentoring with one or more adults in hand to hand combat and weapons mastery. Males and females are instructed in warfare, but females are never used in frontline battles unless absolutely necessary, usually to suppress slave uprisings.

Societal Hierarchy:

Warrior society is male dominated with females taking secondary roles as managers of the slaves. Society is heavily reliant on those captured and oppressed. Slaves are used to maintain the technology, pilot the ships, grow and prepare food, and take care of all needs of the male warriors. Females often employ slaves for sexual stimulation, something rarely experienced with male Acriend. Both males and females possess strong sexual impulses, the males satisfying them with captured species in grotesque orgies often ending the life of the captured. Females, while more subtle, prefer to pursue their own perversions in private, elevating their slaves lifestyle to that of a pet if they satisfy the carnal appetites. Excessive use of alcohol and strong stimulants is rampant, but frowned upon during battle. All members of society worship the Creator, Hammot, who ordains special priests and priestesses from young Acriend. Society does not have any type of money, each Acriend provided what his station dictates. Acriend do not covet object wealth, only the wealth obtained through conquest of others while pursuing their hedonistic desires. Crime is rare as their morals are loosely defined. However, bad behavior is dealt with by the individual’s immediate leader.

Military Hierarchy:

There is no discernible separation into officers and enlisted. All start as ordinary foot soldiers, moving up in rank as their experience and battle records dictate. Rank is given by those above the specific soldier. Demotions are common as a result of unsuccessful battles. There are simply leaders and soldiers. Military is divided into subjugation forces, aerial forces, and pacifier forces. All but the aerial forces are made up of male Acriend only, whereas the aerial forces are composed of male and female Acriend overseeing a massive force of slaves. Subjugation forces lead initial attack followed closely by pacifier forces that complete the conquering and processing of a new slave world. After a world is subjugated, civilian Acriend (mostly females) take over the administrative functions of the world, ensuring the continued delivery of fresh resources to the military from the now conquered slaves. The captured world becomes a creator of food, weapons, technology, and fuel for the ever increasing Acriend society.

Subjugation Forces:

  • Dark Red Leather Neck Band
  • Warriors 1-8 rank
  • Leaders 1-10 rank

Pacifier Forces:

  • Gold Leather Neck Band
  • Warriors 1-8 rank
  • Administrator 4-9 rank
  • Leaders 1-10 rank

Aerial Forces:

  • Dark Purple Leather Neck Band
  • Warriors 1-3 rank (male)
  • Trainer 4-9 rank (male/female)
  • Administrator 1-8 rank (female)
  • Leaders 1-9 rank (male)


The Acriend have not created their own technology since leaving their own system 1.6 billion years ago. The technology they possess is created, operated, and maintained by the peoples they conquer and enslave. Most Acriend prefer hand-to-hand combat, eschewing the heavy technology in favor of small, personal weapons. Heavy vehicles are used to mobilize Acriend troops and supplies, but battles are usually fought using ground forces after heavy artillery or aerial bombardment. They use technology to destroy technology before taking on the enemy soldiers directly in battles they are physically more capable of winning.